bellavista neo

bellavista neo

For our smallest and most sensitive patients.

Highest precision in volume and pressure control – with a unique user experience.

Reliability and safety are key in ventilation. One of the most demanding challenges is to ventilate neonates, where you need highest precision in volume and pressure control. bellavista combines latest technology with precise delivery of flow for our smallest patients.

bellavista, a safe, complete and future proof ventilator for our smallest and most sensitive patients.

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bellavista’s neonatal TargetVent provides a full ventilation platform with target volumes for extremely low birthweight patients, from 2 ml tidal volume.

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bellavista neo gui


bellavista's nCPAP can be applied a flow or pressure based mode. The nCPAP Mode provide a high variety and many unique features

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Easy and smart

Decent colour and mood buttons.

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    Twist and turn

    smart, powerful, outstanding design.

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