NIV Advanced Suite

Our NIV Advanced Suite gives you the benefit of excellent synchrony and various adaptation tools for your patient. With auto.leak, auto.rise and auto.sync, bellavista synchronizes to every patients breathing pattern.

A versatile solution for intermediate care, subacute units and intra-hospital transport. auto.sync has the ability to recognize the patient’s expiratory effort immediately, thus helping to reduce the work of breathing and breath stacking. The inspiration trigger adapts to variable leaks to maintain optimum performance.

bellavista advanced ventilation mode auto.sync auto.sync is a feature to release the patient from a fixed or manual expiratory trigger setting and to optimize synchronization of patients during spontaneous breathing.
bellavista advanced ventilation mode auto.rise auto.rise adapts and optimizes risetime with a breath by breath calculation and prevents overshoot to relieve you from the challenge of finding the correct risetime for your patient.
bellavista advanced ventilation mode auto.leak Our fully automated and adaptive auto.leak compensation balances highly effective inspiratory and expiratory leaks up to 180 l / min.


To start with non-invasive ventilation requires to adapt the patient carefully to an interface like a face mask. MaskFit gives you and your patient more confidence and comfort for the following ventilation period.


With TargetVent in Assist Control and Pressure Support Ventilation bellavista gives you several options to manage a safe, comfortable and efficient non-invasive ventilation for your patient.

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TargetVent volume targeted ventilator


The Ramp feature adapts the ventilation for the patient by moderately increasing the inspiratory and expiratory pressure (EPAP/IPAP, CPAP) from low to therapeutic pressure levels. The interval and the pressure steps are widely user adjustable. Another feature to increase comfort for the patient.

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