How can I check, if the FlowLab software option is activated on my CITREX?

The FlowLab-Software-Option is available for CITREX with hardware revision 3 or higher only. Further, software version 3.5.0 or higher has to be installed on your CITREX. To check if the FlowLab-Software-Option is activated on your device as described below, software version 3.3.0 or higher has to be installed on your CITREX.

Please proceed as follows:

  1. Connect your CITREX to a network or directly to your computer by using the Ethernet interface.
  2. Connect to the Webserver of your CITREX by using an Internet Browser
  3. Select the menu DEVICE and then SOFTWARE OPTIONS

On this page the status of all options is displayed. Please contact, if you want to buy an activation code for an option. Please report the serial number of your CITREX in the email for a fast handling.


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