International Application & Sales Training

imtmedical academy, Singapore

14. May 2018

imtmedical academy singapore





International Application & Sales Training, Singapore

May, 14-18th 2018

This training is dedicated to application specialists and sales managers and will be carried out in English.

The training is free of charge, nevertheless, we ask you to book your participation here online.

Your benefits at a glance:

    Advanced bellavista user training Inforcement of topics like:

  • AVM, adaptive ventilation mode
  • Esophageal pressure measurement
  • HFOT
  • Lung recruitment tool
  • Synchrony tools
  • Neonatal ventilation on bellavista
  • Success stories of bellavista
    How to use the bellavista 1000 mr in MRT environment
  • Guest speech (Dr Ross Freebairn):
    'Update ond the Use of High Flow Oxygen Therapy' and 'the Lung Recruitment Tool'



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